Monday, July 6, 2009

Call for volunteers

So, you wanna dig dinosaurs?

We're looking for a few volunteers to come with us to central Montana this summer to help scout, recover the rest of our giant Basilemys turtle and begin excavation on a big hardosaur (the tibia is over 4 feet long). Our crew will be leaving from Colorado on July 28th, and will likely stay for 2 weeks. We will be headquartered out of a camping lodge, and there is no cost to volunteers besides transportation and food. All excavation equipment and supplies will be provided, personal tools are to be brought by each person attending. More on that after applications are reviewed.

Applications may be sent to me at and should outline biology or geology experience. This trip is a wonderful way to gain experience for undergrad and graduate students in field collection methods. We will be focusing not only on excavation techniques, but data collection (mapping, stratigraphic sections and correlation, taphonomy) as well as site evaluation.


  1. Howdy!

    This is Erin from over at Dinosaur Ridge. I'd love to go, but busy summer schedules don't allow it. Anywho, have a safe trip and have TONS OF FUN!

    Tell Tracie I said hi. And then poke her.


  2. We may end up doing this type of thing in the near future, for short (Kansas) trips too, Keep an eye out for details later.