Thursday, March 10, 2011

More Lambeosaur Fun

This week we've had a chance to begin work on the skull material recovered from RMRDRC 07-020 "Joyce", from the upper Judith River Formation of Fergus County, Montana. The material is typical for the Judith river... SOFT. We've begun utilizing the technique that I wrote about for the first FPCS at Petrified Forest National Park, in stabilizing he matrix and bone with low-strength adhesive (PB 4417) before air abrading the material. The results are great! I'd like to share a few pics of the first jacket we have prepared, and if anyone wants to take a well educated stab at the identity of the lambeosaurine, have at it!

Present is the right dentary in lingual view, as well as a quadrate and partial quadratojugal. 31 rows of teeth are present in this dental battery.

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