Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Centrosaur prep binge

We begin week #2 of our prep efforts with renewed energy! The more we work on it, the more neat stuff we find. Case in point the jacket labelled "?tibia" turns out to be a complete right humerus, with a total length of 70cm. An ulna and fibula have also turned up, and field sketches seem to show a femur. This appears to be a fairly large centrosaur, approaching the size of our Triceratops prorsus skeleton "Gundy". If any of you researchers have good PDF references on centrosaurs, please contact me, I don't have library access so modern papers are relatively difficult to come by.

Right humerus


Other jackets are showing they have much more in them than what was recorded in the field notes. The jacket below looks to contain a predentary, several ribs, and a least one strange unknown (as of yet) element. We should know soon though!

All kinds of stuff in there.

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  1. Aww dangit, I used the same photo in thwo blog posts in a row. Oh well, it's still awesome.