Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Triceratops project update # whatever

8 feet long and 5 feet wide, about the same size as my bathroom
Ok the assembly process is almost done! We've assembled almost all of the frill, a process that took me a week and a half and 100 pounds of steel. I only severely burned myself 4 or 5 times, including a big melty blob that rolled down my shoulder and back. Ouch.

7 days of constant custom steel fabrication, and still not yet done.

Now it is time for the tedious texturing of the filler that went into areas where we were missing bone. We're leaving the busted part of the parietal off while we work around it. Also note in the photos the fancy stage that I built in an effort to save our backs while detailing. A bit of epoxy putty, some epoccipitals, and some paint will get us to the finish line, now hopefully around Halloween, if not sooner. It's painstaking work, send beer,


  1. Interesting. Is that a pathology across the top of the frill, or just a bit of missing as of yet unreconstructed material? A bite mark perhaps?

  2. The parietal was preserved sitting upright in the ground, with a 8 inch thick layer of ironstone intersecting the bone there. There was no frill preserved in that area. Too bad, but it's a fossil, what can you do?