Monday, April 23, 2012

A little photographic update: Xiphactinus Mildred

Jacob and Lisa keep plugging along on the gigantic mount of the huge 18 1/2 foot long Xiphactinus audax "Mildred". Basic assembly except for the fins are now finished, hopefully soon we will be able to rotate the mount to its upright position, working on a 5 foot high table is not exactly fun.


  1. How do you ship something like that? Can it go in one piece? Beautiful job!

  2. Very carefully!

    At 21 feet long (a little more than that when we have the frame installed) it will take its own dedicated trailer. It would be easier to ship if it broke down into smaller pieces, but you end up with VERY unsightly seams in the mount that never look right, even if they are repaired/covered over later.

  3. Thanks for your reply! I know the pain of having to cut a specimen up in order to fit it into the available transport and then wondering whether the joins will be invisible.