Friday, August 31, 2012

When will the heat end?

Over 110 degrees on the outcrop. Ouch.
We are back, finishing our Hell Creek Formation field season and starting our Judith River Formation work in South Dakota and Montana. The fires are pretty bad out there due tot he drought, and silly high temperatures are the norm for now.
Not quite a dinosaur

We located a few specimens including a juvenile ceratopsian in a pretty tough sandstone, and we will be returning in a few weeks to collect the rest. Enjoy the photos!

Oh look! A Pachycephalosaurus!

Heat makes Jacob feel kinda stabby

Just south of the Canadian border

I will replace my Estwing with a jackhammer next trip

Ceratopsian squamosal

Rib, ungual, and scapula/coracoid of the ceratopsian

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