Thursday, July 25, 2013

Field season in full swing

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We've been in South Dakota and Montana working the Hell Creek and Judith River Formations respectively.

Jacob for scale before we open a Triceratops site
South Dakota had seen its fair share of rain, where we got rained out more in two weeks there than in my entire previous decade of Hell Creek digging combined. We pulled a few Triceratops bones and finished evaluating a few sites before moving on north.

Nanotyrannus teeth collected from a single lag deposit
In Montana, our main focus has been opening the Avaceratops dig again and pulling out more of the animal. Lots of bobcat work The back wall of the quarry is nearing 10 feet tall now. Hopefully we're ending the dig soon so we can explore... Enjoy the photos!

Huge fault in the Hell Creek. Jacob somewhere to the left

It's the greenest I've ever seen in July for Montana in the JRF

I cut the steep part of the bobcat road. It's pretty scary to use. 

Duckbill butt I found a few years ago. Finally excavated this year.

After excavation and pedestaling

Part of the Avaceratops braincase

Ava site a few weeks back, before Bobcat work to push the wall back

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