Thursday, November 14, 2013

3d scanner and printer up and running

After several years of fighting with technology, our 3d laser scanning program is up and running here at the RMDRC. We're currently scanning original specimens that are in the restoration queue in order to generate mirror image parts for missing bones. We started with simple parts on the Avaceratops including cranial and limb material, and progressed to more complicated things like the dentary and maxilla. Not satisfied with the amount of punishment we dished out on ourselves, we then tried Enchodus bits like the super thin premaxilla and operculum. They all turned out extremely well.

One of our new printers which works surprisingly well
Now that we have more complete sets of replicas to work with, our restoration of these specimens will be not only much more accurate but also faster.

Avaceratops lower jaw, with white 3d prints of actual material

Avaceratops tibia, split in a computer so it could fit in the printer
Next on the docket is some of the cranial material of our Daspletosaurus specimens. Donor parts from other animals will be brought in and scaled to size. Surprisingly easy to do with the software and operators we now have here. If you are out there and need some items scanned, give us a call!

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