Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Avaceratops skull finished - Tucson out the door

So, we here in the lab have survived yet another pre-Tucson Gem and Mineral Show crunch. Barely. This year we are exhibiting our casts at the 22nd Street Show. Come by and see our new stuff, like the Megalonyx, Enchodus, Stangerochampsa and our new Avaceratops.

Never thought that pile of bones would turn out like this
Speaking of that, the prototype is finished! We molded the masters and then cast them using a rotational casting machine. Very lightweight! The finished skull is 1.05m (3'5") long from rostrum to end of parietal.

First run of the 3d model made from photographs
Very cute, and since the brow horns are pretty darn near symmetrical, their tweezer-like form is probably real. Very different than Nasutoceratops or even the MOR specimen of Avaceratops that Penkalski and Dodson described. What that means precisely is something for the experts to work out.

Human for sacle
The Enchodus is also pretty darn cool looking. Coming in at just 5 feet long (1.7m), it's one of the scariest looking little fish I've ever dug up.

Enchodus prototype

Stop by the booth and check out the specimens. And if you would like a copy of the Avaceratops, tell Mike I sent you. He;ll give you a good deal.

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  1. LOVE I, I would love to have one like that in my living room, it's one of my all time favorite dinosaurs