Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Digging the middle half of a Triceratops

We've finished the Triceratops dig that I announced in my last blog post. We got pretty much everything from the rear of the neck to the back of the hips, minus the limbs. It looks like the specimen was well laid out in order, unfortunately with the head end going off the edge of the cliff. Just a couple thousand years too late, but oh well. There was an unconformity at the top of the site that destroyed the higher bones, including shearing the bottom 4/5 of the femur away. Sometimes nature isn't nice to us. Enjoy the pics!

Scary bobcat driving to get rid of overburden

Mike not finding anything, Jacob on the hips

Naptime in the shade while employees roast

Hips isolated

Cap jacket on hips and attempting to recover a whole rib

Big jacket done after a seriously long day

Prep on the main hips block is going slowly, but we hope to have this monster chunk of bone out on display later this week.

Progress on the jacket but still lots to go


  1. That's a pretty nice sacrum you have there! Congrats on the partial specimen!!

  2. I have a fossilized rib cage . It is larger than human rib cage and 16 ribs .looks like a section from spine to front half. Also found an animal head . U can see the eye sockets ,nostrils,and wind pipe . It looks like a large turtle head with lower chin missing. Does this company have any interest in helping me identify them and possibly trying to recover more of it fr ok m the place I found them.the rib cage was found in the edge of a creek bed that runs next to a bluff line. I live in northwest ark.thank u claudia goss