Thursday, February 10, 2011

Terminonaris restoration project

For the past month or so we've been working hard on restoring a specimen of the extinct crocodilian Terminonaris, in collaboration with the Royal Saskatchewan Museum (RSM) in Regina. We were supplied molds of the original slightly crushed specimen, which provide the basis for our restoration. It's been a long but fun process. As of today, restoration and molding of all postcranial elements have been completed. Casts are nearly finished being poured and trimmed... now for the good part - a sneak peek.

We've moved on to the exciting assembly portion of the project. Cast #1 is intended for a travelling exhibit and is being built to the exact specifications provided by the RSM. The animal is pretty dang big, at over 18 feet long. As you can see, the dorsal, sacral and caudal vertebrae are finished, the ribs and pelvis are hung and the chevrons are being attached. Nearly 100 individual elements so far! I'll be updating our progress as the projects progress. Stay tuned.

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