Thursday, October 4, 2012

Avaceratops Prep Update

We're on to the big jacket!
Current map of confirmed bones. Base image courtesy Scott Hartmann
Thanks to Scott Hartmann and for permission to use his image of Avaceratops' skull.

The big jacket, still in preparation
I haven't had an opportunity to expose everything in here yet (there are both postorbital horns hiding deep in this jacket) and I have removed 4 epoccipitals and an epijugal from the mass already, but here it is! Shown in all of its partially prepared glory you see both premaxillae, as well as one each squamosal, jugal, and quadrate. I also have 3 mystery bones comprising a possible parietal or exoccipital (wingy-thing part of the braincase), a possible palatine and another super thin feathery plate.

The next step is to repair my air abrasion unit, cut down the jacket a little bit, and then look for those horns. I'm avoiding removing anything else since everything is so jackstrawed. Combine that with some surprisingly thin and fragile bones, and we could end up with a real mess on our hands.
Bones piled on other bones

Fragile and strangely shaped bones, these take a long time to prepare, only 25-30% done

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