Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Still prepping the Avaceratops

Though I had a good time attending the SVP meeting in Raleigh, NC this month, it put me a little behinf on prep work. Jacob was able to join the preparation frenzy and between the two of us we've gotten a lot done.

Nasals, showing strange asymmetrical suture
Getting the individual bones prepped out of their jackets is giving us some valuable insights. Though the bones are well preserved, each one is getting its own custom made Hydrocal support cradle to keep them from getting damaged during storage.

The deep and short left dentary, with all teeth
We've uncovered the brow horns now, prepped out the left lower jaw, and finished the nasals. If you're in town you should consider stopping by to get an up-close look at the material. It's some strange stuff!

Strange centrosaurine brow horn, resting in its cradle

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